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Benefits of Custom Website Design

Website Design Concept

With today’s access to DIY solutions, business owners are looking to capitalize on saving money in order to maximize profits. I mean, who wouldn’t right?

buy vs diy - Benefits of Custom Website Design

One of the biggest trends in DIY solutions is to use templated web design like Wix, Squarespace, or WordPress. They make it so easy to build a website, many brands aren’t even considering a custom website design.

While these solutions make it easy, these templates won’t be able to speak to the unique essence that is your brand. A custom website design can provide so many benefits beyond this point, but I want to dive into my top 4:


When using a website builder, it allows you to put content and elements in that make it feel as if your site is unique, but it is bound to the limitations of the theme of the template. Even though you’re creating the template with your own style, it’s matter-of-factly going to look like most other websites out there.

With a custom site, you have no limitations. The website can have unique functionality and features to attract your specific target audience. You’ll be able to have complete control of the presentation of your brand so that it looks like no other website on the internet.


A pivotal part of owning an online business is having a website that can grow as your brand grows. Custom sites allow you to alter things so you can adjust to your users’ needs quickly. You can make changes as often as you want to.

Generic sites can’t make changes as fast. There’s so many design hurdles and limited lifespans for these sites that it will eventually force business owners to switch to either a CMS or a custom built website. If your site is built custom, you can avoid this inevitable road block and be able to make ongoing changes as your business grows.

Built With Your Customer in Mind

Instead of sorting through all the possible templates that your brand could fit into, you can design what you need from the very start. A website should speak to the target audience’s buyer experience. Only when you custom design can you put that much thought into the functionality of the site.

With smooth navigation and an enhanced user-experience your site can turn visitors into customers. The design needs to speak to the specific type of person going to your online store for this to happen. When you work closer with a web developer, you can both create the optimal experience catered to the special needs of your target audience.

SEO Optimized

Content marketing and user experience help website’s rank higher on search engines. A free website might not be optimized for SEO. When you build a custom site, the details that maximize your SEO will be worked into the design on the back-end. This will make it easier to rank higher over time.

On the front-end, developers will ensure each page has keyword rich content. Keyword rich content and a quality UX design is highly valued by Google when ranking your site. The speed of your website is also crucial in your SEO ranking. A custom site will be optimized to reduce load times to maximize speed.

*Note: continually quality content via online marketing needs to be paired with an optimized site to grow in SEO ranking in the long term.


In the long run, a custom website is an essential piece of your business. If you’d like to learn more about how custom web design can benefit your brand or just interested in the process, please feel free to reach out!

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