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Launching a New Website Isn’t Enough

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Website Launching and Free Tools from Google

You are just about there. Months of getting the right page flow to guide visitors through your website are complete. Endless hours have been poured into making it look and feel just right in that it conveys your brand and best presents your products and services. Hundreds of carefully constructed sentences are in place which makes up the focused content that your visitors will be reading. Quality testing has been performed and everything works just as intended. Once this perfect website with SEO content launches you should sit back, relax and watch the leads come in. All that’s left to do is launch, right? Just that, and continue with your carefully constructed marketing plan, right? Not so fast…

Need-to-Knows for a New Website

Many times when a website is being designed, or re-designed, for the first time, companies think this project is what will jump-start new sales and traffic. A website is like an Olympic event in a stadium. Gorgeous, purposely built and filled with amazing potential. Yet, without people (traffic) it does not serve a purpose. People will not come simply because someone built a great stadium. People come because you are promising them something there, whether it is a competition to watch the best athletes in the world or to solve their problem.

launching a new website - rockford seoThink of that Olympic stadium filled with some of the best athletes in the world and a large passionate crowd. It’s a place of excitement where memories are created and leave lasting impressions with everyone. In this case, the athletes are your content. The stars of the show, and the reason people are coming. Thus, the crowds are your traffic. When you have an audience to see your content, your website is able to function as it is intended to. Lastly, your gold medal “win” is a sale or a lead.

The point being…your website is not the end game. It is a tool to utilize within your marketing plan. You need to target the audience you built your website for and gain exposure to them through multiple avenues. When planning how you will market your new website, think of it in terms of an investment portfolio. You would not invest 100% of your assets in stocks. You diversify to reduce risk. The same thing is true when planning your marketing strategy. Social, email marketing, Pay-Per-Click, organic SEO, guest blogging, etc. These are all areas you can invest in that will reach your ideal website visitor.

You diversify to reach everyone who is not always in one place.

Furthermore, you want users to come across your website more than once in order to build a connection. They may forget about you if they see you in an ad once, but it will be harder to forget you after they see you multiple times with your promise to bring them value (solve a problem).

In conclusion, your new website is important. Just make sure it doesn’t become a vacant stadium. Create a marketing plan and execute it to drive traffic and make it work for you.

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