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New Updates on Instagram

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When it comes to social media, scheduling post can save time, headaches, and keep your business active on social channels. Schedule posts at 11 PM or 2 AM, it will reach people who you normally don’t. In the past, you could only schedule posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr, to name a few. But one of the biggest social platforms did not allow for scheduling posts in advance. Until now with the new updates on Instagram.

New Updates on Instagram


Instagram’s API (Application Programming Interface) did not include a way for third-parties or Instagram itself to schedule posts. Those third-parties would send a reminder to the person or people in charge of an account that they had to either manual upload the picture and its caption or finish the process of. Until now. As of last week, Instagram has made changes to its API for Businesses and App for content publishing. This is still in beta though. So if you use Hootsuite and other applications, you can schedule straight from there. It should be known that it is only for Instagram posts currently and not Instagram Ads. This is the start of the new overhaul Instagram is doing to its Graph API. It plans to include performance metrics, insights, moderate comments, and info on other business profiles. This is set to start rolling out in July 2018.

This is the biggest back-end change to Instagram. The biggest front-end change, which is a fun one, is the Type Mode.

Type Mode

When you post stories, you can now change the font type! Not only that but different background colors and you can highlight words/phrases.

There are more fand creative ways to make an announcement! Also, to update your followers on everyday happenings. Like what your boss had for lunch.


Instagram has confirmed it is testing an option that lets you “regram” public feed posts from other users to your Story. The new feature will appear as “Add post to your story” when you tap the share icon underneath a post. If you don’t want your stories to be regrammed, you can turn off the option. You don’t have to have the new option available to turn it off. Settings > Story Settings and the option to turn off the sharing is there.


So this is how Instagram is staying up to date and reinventing itself. What other options or updates would you like to see Instagram do? Slide in our DMs on Twitter or Insta to let us know!

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