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Why You Should Be Hearing Good and Bad News

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Shouldn’t you be hearing everything from your digital agency?

No one likes bad news. Certainly not bears. Even so, it’s more important than you think.

As a digital agency, we work and talk with a lot of entrepreneurs and CMO’s. There are plenty of stories of how everything they are doing is working so well. Bounce rates are down, visitors are up, more and more social likes, it all sounds so perfect. Then we ask, “So how are conversations? How are sales compared to the same period last year?” The answer? Flat. It doesn’t make sense. Everything is up.

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The problem? Only the good is talked about. Usually, it’s about numbers and numbers are great! They give you amazing insight into what’s going on and allows you to project future numbers. The bad thing about numbers is that they can easily be filtered and cast in a certain light to write the story one wants to hear or tell. They should be as objective as possible. And ultimately, numbers only tell part of a story. What’s a great path toward getting objective data? Bad news.

The bad news is the constructive feedback that drives you to improve and know your weaknesses. Being a digital marketing agency, I’m going to share an inside secret that us agencies do not talk about… ready for it?

No strategy is perfect.

First, let that sink in.

Think about it.


So many factors are involved that just can’t be controlled, Google for one. A few others? Human nature, competitors, market shifts, local and national events and so on and so forth. Every company, product, market, and customer is different. Having the experience of working with multiple industries to understand what typically does and does not work is a great and valued resource for your company. When creating and executing a digital marketing strategy you want to spend the least amount of money for the most return. That’s basics.

Now going back to bad news. When you get reports from your internal team or agency, you should be hearing the good and bad news. Now bad news comes in many forms but what you should be after is the answer to the question, “What can we do better?” Everything can be improved and adjusted. Let’s put this in play with a simple example. Good: Facebook likes are up. Great. Your engagement is still lacking. Ugh. Now we take that bad news and push and explore why and how you can execute better. Are we running ads trying to push up likes or running a giveaway that is forcing likes from people that have no interest in your company? Adjust, target your ads better. Improve your content to better connect with your audience.

Bad news doesn’t have to be scary. Take it and then make it work for you. Learn from it and adjust.

One more thing… that agency that doesn’t tell you the whole story? Ask them for what is and isn’t working. If they tell you everything is good and working? Consider giving us a shout!

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