Perfect Pasta

The Challenge

Create an Immersive Product Experience to Encourage Product Use

Perfect Pasta was in the middle of a rebrand of their product packaging and push into several grocery retailers in the Chicagoland area. Perfect Pasta came to Lucca Alla Moda to redesign their website to showcase their products, inspire visitors to cook great recipes with Perfect Pasta and easily find a store that stocks Perfect Pasta near them.

The Solution

Our team designed a visual digital experience focused around product and use photography that quickly immersed the customer into an inspiring and tasty world. A recipe section allows visitors to find meal ideas based on their meal type and matched them with Perfect Pasta products that would make their meal a success.

Perfect Pasta makes truly unique and delicious products for home and commercial buyers. We knew we had to give their products the proper respect they deserved. We designed a categorized product section with large product photos to bring the product closer to the user instead of using a traditional small grid. Visitors can also filter products by a number of criteria or search directly for products.